WhatsApp Web for Interview 35 Questions and Answers. The following post provides solutions to 35 of the most typical questions asked during WhatsApp Web interviews, which will assist you in preparing for your future interviews. Feel free to expand on these answers and tailor them to your experiences. Good luck with your WhatsApp Web interview. WhatsApp web browser video calls on WhatsApp web. WhatsApp web/desktop QR code on WhatsApp web.

WhatsApp Web for Interview 35 Questions.

  1. Are you goal-oriented on the job? Please explain how you’ve been motivated by goals in the past and discuss the management style that helps you achieve them.
  2. Designing a user interface for a new mobile app: When designing the user interface, consider factors like user experience, responsiveness, and aesthetics.
  3. Familiarity with SDLC models: Discuss the software development life cycle models you’ve worked with.
  4. Data validation process: Explain the steps for data validation in your current work.
  5. Avoiding retain cycles in Swift programming: Share your approach to prevent retain cycles when using closures in Swift.
  6. Overcoming hurdles: Identify potential challenges and how you plan to overcome them if hired at WhatsApp.
  7. Unique personality trait: Highlight a trait that would contribute to your success in this role.
  8. Handling project delays: Describe a situation where a project was delayed and how you managed it.
  9. Staying organized: Share your strategies for managing multiple projects or duties simultaneously.
  10. Fluency in programming languages: Discuss the languages you consider yourself fluent in.
  11. Data cleaning methods: Explain the data cleaning techniques you’re comfortable using.
  12. Fragments vs. activities in Android development: When would you use a fragment over an activity?
  13. Clustered vs. non-clustered indexes in SQL: Differentiate between these index types and share examples.
  14. User experience design skills: What unique values can you bring to WhatsApp’s user experience design?
  15. Using parcelable vs. serializable in Android software: Discuss your experience with these serialization methods.
  16. Code review: What key aspects would you look for when reviewing a colleague’s code?
WhatsApp Web for Interview 35 Questions and Answers.
WhatsApp Web for Interview 35 Questions and Answers.

Here are some additional interview questions related to WhatsApp Web.

  1. Handling null values in SQL queries: How do you deal with null values when writing SQL queries?
  2. Understanding RESTful APIs: Explain what RESTful APIs are and how they work.
  3. Concurrency control in databases: Discuss techniques for managing concurrent access to a database.
  4. Testing methodologies: Describe the testing methodologies you’ve used in your previous projects.
  5. Dependency injection in Android development: Explain the concept of dependency injection and its benefits.
  6. It is optimizing mobile app performance: Share strategies for improving app performance, such as reducing memory usage or optimizing network requests.
  7. Handling user complaints: How would you address user complaints about WhatsApp’s features or functionality?
  8. Agile vs. Waterfall methodologies: Compare and contrast these two project management approaches.
  9. Database normalization: Explain the purpose of normalization and the different standard forms.
  10. Security considerations in mobile app development: Discuss security practices you follow to protect user data.
  11. Design patterns in software development: Which design patterns have you implemented, and how do they enhance code quality?
  12. Handling memory leaks in Android apps: Describe your approach to identifying and resolving memory leaks.
  13. Version control systems: Which version control systems (e.g., Git, SVN) are you familiar with, and how do you use them?
  14. User authentication methods: Discuss various authentication methods used in mobile apps.
  15. Scalability considerations: How would you ensure WhatsApp can handle a large user base without performance degradation?
  16. Code refactoring: Share an example of code refactoring you’ve done to improve maintainability or performance.
  17. Handling time zones in software: Explain how you manage time zone differences in global applications.
  18. Collaboration with cross-functional teams: Describe your experience working with designers, product managers, and other team members.
  19. Personal growth and learning: How do you stay updated with industry trends and enhance your skills?

WhatsApp Web: Please do not hesitate to elaborate on these questions based on your experiences and what you have learned. I wish you the best of success with your WhatsApp Web interview preparation.

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