Taki Ansari

HR Executive

About Advisers

Taki Ansari: At Mahad Manpower, our organization’s foundation is built on the strength of our people. I am Taki Ansari, a dedicated HR executive overseeing our clients’ staffing needs. My professional journey, evolving from a skilled Recruiter to a seasoned Human Resources (HR) expert, is a testament to my commitment to upholding the core values of our esteemed organization.

Beginning as a Recruiter, I refined skills in identifying top-tier talent and shaping a diverse workforce at Mahad Manpower to meet our clients’ unique needs. Recognizing HR’s pivotal role, I seamlessly transitioned, now managing various candidate oversight, conducting meticulous interviews, and ensuring a seamless selection process. I actively collaborate with clients, facilitating smooth onboarding for selected candidates.

My journey reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence, a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, and an unwavering dedication to efficiently fulfilling the staffing requirements of Mahad Manpower. I take great pride in my role, contributing significantly to the company’s continued success through my unique recruitment and HR expertise blend.