Unlock Your UAE Career: A Guide to all 13 Work Permit Options in 2024 Update. To advance your career in the United Arab Emirates, you must navigate several different work visa choices, each geared to distinct professional backgrounds and goals. The government of the United Arab Emirates has made tremendous progress in expanding.

Its work permit options attract talent worldwide in various fields, such as healthcare, education, construction, etc. UAE Career Here is a detailed guide to the thirteen available work permit alternatives. Dynamic Environment: Distinctive Culture and Diverse Community. Community Foster Collaboration and Excellence.

Unlock Your UAE Career: A Guide to all 13 Work Permits.

Unlock Your UAE Career: A Guide to all 13 Work Permits
Unlock Your UAE Career: A Guide to all 13 Work Permits

1. Standard Work Permit: Work Permit to Work Standard This is the essential permit for individuals an employer in the United Arab Emirates sponsors. The company must comply with labour regulations and maintain a valid trade license.

2. Golden Visa: The Golden Visa is a long-term resident visa available to foreign talents, investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals in key industries. Based on specific requirements, such as exceptional capabilities in science, culture, and art or investment in real estate, this visa provides up to ten years of residency.

3. Green Visa: The Green Visa differentiates between work permits and residency permits, aims to attract qualified workers, investors, and business owners, and enables self-sponsorship without needing firm association.

4. Temporary Work Permit: Permission to Work Temporarily In the case of individuals on temporary assignments, such as those undergoing probation testing or project-based missions, a temporary employment contract or a letter from their company is required.

5. Job Seeker Visa: Visas for Job Seekers This program targets Young professionals and talented individuals. It allows them to look for work prospects inside the United Arab Emirates without the assistance of a host or sponsor for sixty, ninety, or one hundred and twenty days, depending on the eligibility requirements.

6. Sector-Specific Permits: Sector-specific permits are explicitly designed for high-demand industries such as healthcare, education, and construction, necessitating sector-specific certifications and registration.

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7. Special Economic or Free Zone Permits: Permissions for Special Economic Zones or Free Zones The provision of advantages, including tax breaks and simplified immigration procedures, to enterprises and professionals operating within Special Economic Zones of the United States.

8. Work Permit under the Residence of a Relative Permit: Permit to Work under the Residence of a Relative Permit of the Individual Allows for employment with a work permit without the employer’s need to sponsor the employee’s visa.

9. Juvenile Work Permit: Permit to Work for Juveniles Allows individuals between the ages of 15 and 18 to be employed under certain conditions, including the hours and types of jobs they can do.

10. Student Training and Employment Permit: Permission to Work and Participate in Student Training is for residents of the United Arab Emirates who are at least 15 years old and are looking for Work or training in the private sector.

11. Work Permit for Recruiting a Worker from Outside the State: The Work Permit for Recruiting a Worker from Outside the State enables registered businesses to hire workers from other countries. To obtain this permit, registered companies must apply to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE).

12. Freelance Permit: A permit for Freelancers allows individuals to work independently by allowing them to apply for their work permits without an employer’s sponsorship.

13. New Categories of Work Permits (Introduced in 2024): New work permit categories will be released in 2024. These categories consist of novel permit categories designed to assist the strategic sectors of the United Arab Emirates and require particular professional credentials and competence.


UAE Career Each option for obtaining a work permit comes with an individualized set of eligibility requirements, application procedures, and paperwork requirements. These are designed to cater to the varied labour force requirements and contribute to the economic growth of the United Arab Emirates. Both employers and employees must guarantee compliance with the labour and immigration regulations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to avoid penalties such as fines, the revocation of business licenses, and deportation.

UAE Career: Please visit the official websites and manuals supplied by the government of the United Arab Emirates and the appropriate authorities to obtain comprehensive information on each work permit option, including the application processes and eligibility requirements.

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